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09 Jan, 2020

Campus Recruitment Report 2020

400+ industry professionals talk about a new-age technology-led campus recruitment strategy to hire the workforce of the future.

10 Jul, 2019

Tech Hiring & Technology Adoption Trends 2019

A survey report powered by 350+ industry leaders to help organizations identify best practices and strengthen their tech recruitment process

13 Jun, 2019

Leadership Development Trends 2019

A survey report based on a study of 200+ organizations

28 May, 2019

Competency Frameworks for Popular Job Roles

A Ready to Use Handbook for Top 30 Job Roles Along with Interview Questions

21 May, 2019

Campus Recruitment Strategy 2019

An End-To-End Solution for All Your Campus Hiring Needs

16 May, 2019

Leadership Hiring Trends Report 2019

Trends, challenges and best practices to help businesses achieve leadership success.

18 Feb, 2019

Guide to 360 Degree Feedback

When and how to conduct 360 degree appraisals.

22 Jan, 2019

Mettl Learning Agility Matrix

Measure & Improve Your Organizational Learning Agility

15 Jan, 2019

State of Talent Acquisition 2019

Prepare yourself for future of work with these industry trends.

29 Nov, 2018

Cognition at Work

An Hr's Handbook to Cognitive Skills & How They Evolve with Job Roles and Levels

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