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Redefine Your Certification Program with Our Online Certification Platform


4 Simple Steps to Conduct Certification Program

Variety of Question Types

Simple questions (MCQ, MCA,etc.) to advanced ones (case studies, simulators,etc.).

Software Simulators

Test hands-on software skills using simulators.

Custom Grading Logic

Set questions and grading logic on the basis of sections.

Rich Media Support

Use images, flash, videos, etc. in questions or responses.

Section-Based Workflows

Create test sections; define time limits, cut-offs, and workflow.

Author Your Own Test on Our Testing Platform

Discount Offering

Use discount coupons to run marketing campaigns.

Browser Based Delivery

No downloads required.

Online Payment

Integrate the payment gateways like PayPal and PayU.

While Labelling

Make candidate stick to your brand throughout.

Enhance the Candidate Experience

Live Video Monitoring

Monitor your candidates' screens live.

Remotely Authorize & Control

Authenticate candidates to start, pause and end test along with supervising test resume.

Auto Behavior Alerts

Auto-generate alerts based on candidate's behaviour, image and audio processing.

Session Reviews

Record and review entire session with complete audio and video.

Make Your Testing Process Credible & Secure

Certify - - Certificate Distribution & Management

Rich Design

Design your own certificates with custom data & QR codes.


Verify certificates online/offline using QR codes or verification URL.

Custom Workflow

Provide certificates based on gamified workflows & pre-set performance criteria.

Report - Results & Analytics

Candidate Reports

Give comprehensive reports on candidate performance; question by question analysis with in-built graphs and charts.

Group Level Reports

Combine group reports with benchmark scores. Report dashboard for quick slice and dice through results.


Provide question/ skill/ candidate/ group level insights based on data analytics.

Award Certificates Easily in Real-Time

Technical Strength of Mettl's Platform

Mettl Can Deliver Certifications of Any Level

Graph representing different  Certifications of Any Levels Mettl Can Deliver


Minimal bandwidth requirement – 128 kbps

10M+ total assessments till date

ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification


Deliver 50k+ assessments daily to multiple locations

Manage large volumes of content and candidate records


Hosted in highly secure Amazon cloud

Defined access rights, log reports, and audit trail

ISO 27001 Information Security Certification

One Solution for Your Multiple Needs


Software Certification

Industry Certification

Education Assessments

Why Choose Mettl ?

Turbocharge Your Assessment and Certification Experience

Easy to Use

Self-manageable with minimal training

Highly Flexible

Customized content, workflows, reports, and branding

Powerful Technology

High concurrency and low bandwidth support


Round-the-clock support via email, chat & phone

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