Leadership development-Identify key areas to develop your leaders through Mettl's scientifically validated assessment tools

Leadership Development

Modern businesses are evolving rapidly. Invest in your leaders before it is too late. Identify the right areas of development through scientifically validated tools.


Why Organizations Need Leadership Development?

Achieve Business goals

Modern leaders need to be agile in acquiring new skill sets to realign business strategies to rapidly evolving business scenarios.

Better Work Environment

Successful businesses need a culture that values people and promotes innovation. Carefully curating behavioural pattern of leaders is important.

Future Proofing

Businesses need to be on the constant lookout and accordingly adapt to changes in people, processes and technology that could affect them in the near future.

Our Methodology

The Perfect Cocktail of Data Science and Psychometrics to Deliver the Right Tools for Your Need

Comprehensive evaluation using leadership development tool

AC/DCs are comprehensive psychometric programs designed to evaluate key competencies in individuals through a set of strategic group activities conducted in an offline setting. Mettl's advanced psychometric tools enable virtual administration of AC/DCs while also offering the flexibility of offline activities

Virtual AC/DC

An complete online suite of scientifically validated tools & assessments that simulates AC/DCs. Eliminate logistics hassles & reduce costs.

Blended AC/DC

Retain flexibility by combining virtual assessment with on-field programmes as per your needs. Create holistic development maps for your employees

Evaluating employees via Mettl's Leadership development tool

An extensive library of cloud-based tests, combining the magic of behavioural and cognitive sciences, curated by SMEs with over 40 years of combined field experience. A quick and cheap but highly reliable way to conduct assessments the way you want, with the finesse of swiss army knife.


Battery of assessments that can be customised to your organisation's competency framework or any specific role or function.


Pre-Built Tests

Set of ready to use tests pre-customized for every role and function based on a predefined competency framework.