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Hire Front End Developer

A front-end developer is assessed on his/her ability to:

  • Design web pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Use CSS libraries like BootStrap and preprocessors like Sass, LESS and Stylus
  • Work with JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React and Vue
  • Implement responsive design according to the given requirement
  • Test and debug front-end code so that all the elements are in place
  • Use RESTful Services/APIs

Project Environment : Theia IDE

We support all major front-end technologies:

Hire Back End Developer

A back-end developer is assessed on his/her ability to:

  • Develop and code back-end business logic
  • Create functional APIs
  • Implement and use different algorithms and data structures
  • Design and optimize database queries
  • Implement different programming paradigms
  • Work with advanced language-based frameworks

Project Environment : Theia IDE

We support all major back-end technologies:

Hire Full Stack Developer

A full-stack developer is assessed on her/his ability to:

  • Combine front-end and back-end code
  • Work on both client as well as server applications
  • Create and consume APIs
  • Work with SQL/NoSQL databases
  • Implement various architectures such as MVC
  • Write unit test for all tiers of the applications

Project Environment : Eclipse Theia

We support all major technologies for full-stack developers:

Hire Data Scientist

A data scientist is assessed on his/her ability to:

  • Extract, clean, transform and load data sets
  • Wrangle and explore data
  • Identify the underlying relationships or dependencies
  • Visualize data for easier understanding
  • Predict future trend or forecast a drift based on the previous data trends
  • Determine patterns or motive of the data
  • Uncover anomalies in data

Project Environment: JupyterLab

We support all major technologies for data scientists:

Hire DevOps Engineer

A DevOps Engineer is assessed on his/her ability to:

  • Work with Linux systems and perform Linux scripting
  • Automate infrastructure using configuration management tools
  • Manage and maintain source codes
  • Perform continuous integration and testing
  • Virtualize and work with containers

Project Environment: A web-based terminal

We support all major technologies for DevOps Engineers:

Quality Assurance Engineer

Quality Assurance Engineers are assessed on their ability to:

  • Generate test cases to test applications on multiple aspects
  • Program and write scripts to automate the testing process
  • Use different software testing techniques
  • Attain a high degree of test coverage of the source code
  • Co-relate real-time scenarios to software testing

Project Environment: A hackable cloud-based IDE

We support all major technologies for DevOps Engineers:


Database Developer

Database Developers are assessed on their ability to:

  • Write DDL and DML queries based on the requirements
  • Create stored procedures, functions and triggers
  • Identify the errors in the database and correct then
  • Optimize queries to boost performance of applications and db engine
  • Test the data from the databases to ensure it is not corrupted

Project Environment: A cloud-based database design tool

We support all major technologies for Database Developers:


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