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Campus Hiring Reimagined: End-To-End Virtual Campus Recruitment Solution

Overcome Campus Hiring Challenges By Conducting Virtual Campus Drives Across The Country


Welcome To The New-Age Of Virtual Campus Hiring - Digital, Efficient and Always-On

Simultaneously Conduct Virtual Campus Drives in Multiple Campuses Across the Country



Virtually Engage Students With Our Virtual On-campus Engagement Solutions

Target the Right Campus

We Select The Target Campuses For You, With Our Campus Intelligence Solution

Broaden Your Reach

We Reach Out To Your Target Campuses by harnessing Our Nationwide Campus Partnerships

Seamless Process

We Ensure A Seamless Virtual Screening and Interview Process for You


Our Online Screening Tools And Powerful Proctoring Technology Allow You To Remotely Screen Candidates

We Customize The Right Set Of Assessments For You Through Our Coding, Technical, Aptitude, Language and Personality Evaluation Tools

Our AI-based Proctoring Suite Ensures Cheating-Free Assessments For Candidates From The Safety Of Their Homes

No Need To Book Exam Centers | No Physical Visits | No Need Of Manual Invigilators

Candidate Authentication

Safe Exam

AI-based and Human-based Proctoring


Our Virtual Interview Tool Allows You To Interview Candidates Remotely

Assess Coding Skills in Real-Time | Whiteboard and Ideate Digitally | Make Data-backed Decisions

Real-Time Challenges

Evaluate Coding and Business Challenges In Real-time

Objective Evaluation

Evaluate Data From Screening and Interview Rounds on One Platform


Engage Students With Our Virtual On-campus Engagement Solutions

Build a Lasting Brand Connect And Hire Innovatively, Using Our Online Hackathon Platform

Coding Hackathons

Assess innovation and problem

Case Study Competitions

Assess business acumen and problem-solving

Innovative Ideathons

Brainstorm with the best minds to find fresh ideas

Reinvent Student Engagement With Your Future Workforce


Create A Strong Employer Brand

Provide a seamless candidate experience to create strong brand recall


Attract The Best Talent

Attract the best minds out there, roll-out job offers and seek freelancers


Solve Real-World Problems

Find out creative ways to solve problems and get a fresh perspective


College Covered


Candidate Reached


States Covered in India

We Have Over 10 Years of Experience In Conducting Virtual PAN-India Campus Drives

Mercer | Mettl Has An Experience of Conducting 4,000+ Campus Drives Annually And Has Relationships Across 2,000+ Colleges

Choose The Package That Best Suit Your Requirements








No Need To Go For Multiple Hiring Platforms. Screen, Interview And Evaluate Using One Platform From Mercer | Mettl



Modern-Day Campus Recruiters Are Using These Strategies and Leveraging Technology to Revolutionize Campus Hiring Practices.

Why Do Our Clients Believe Mercer | Mettl To Be The Best Bet for Campus Hiring?

Fully Virtual Solution

Remotely Hire With Ease Using Our One-Click End-to-End Set-Up

Seamless Integration

Industry-Leading Platform With Seamless Integration With Client ATS

Right Assessments for Every Role

Ready-to-Use Tests for 500+ Roles with Industry Benchmarks

Individual and Group Insights

In-depth Reporting, Analytics and Insights to Optimise the Complete Process

Support – Anytime, Anywhere

Global Multi-Channel Support With Best-in-class Turnaround Time

Rich Question Bank

We Offer A Wide range of Questions for Coding and Case Study Simulators

Expert Consultation

We Help You Set Up and Guide You Through the Process

AI-Powered Remote Proctoring

Online proctoring for identity verification and cheating prevention

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)


What are the benefits of campus recruitment?

Campus recruitment offers organizations with access to fresh talent. They can choose from a large pool of talent and hire in bulk for different roles and verticals. Campus recruitment allows organizations to nurture new talent, from the beginning of their career journey, resulting in the development of better performing individuals and a lower attrition rate. Virtual campus recruitment ensures cost and time efficiency, accelerated and effective processes and decreased time-to-hire.


How does campus recruitment work?

Conventional campus recruitment works in a way where organizations are required to form a team that visits multiple campuses to select best-in-class talent. A list of campuses to visit is created, the team makes arrangements for travel and accommodation and conducts exams and interviews at different venues. Organizations are now moving toward a virtual campus recruitment strategy that employs modern-age tools for a time and cost-efficient process.


How do I plan a campus recruitment?

You can plan campus recruitment by first shortlisting your targeted campuses. You can then roll out online hackathons and case study competitions to connect with students. Virtually assess candidates on their behavioral fitment, aptitude, and proficiency in core skills. Finally, conduct video interviews of the selected students to roll out the offer. Organizations can partner with vendors such as Mercer | Mettl that offer end-to-end campus recruitment strategies and tools for virtual college recruitment drives.


What is the process of campus recruitment?

The campus recruitment process consists of four stages - campus selection, student engagement, candidate screening and interviewing. Organizations traditionally visit campuses for engagement, screening and interviewing. However, technology advancements have altered the campus recruitment process as organizations are now moving toward a virtual hiring process for cost, time and quality efficiency.